Electric extendable frame winch, delivered with a scaffolding fixing post.
Maximal load 200 kg. Removable remote control 24 V.
Hook maximum working height: 23 m.
Strong, light, very handy, simple and easy to install indoor, on windows, on balconies, on scaffoldings, thanks to a complete accessory range. Can be transformed into a balcony crane or a trestle.
The transversal winch reel offers a smoother cable winding with less cable wear.
The frame can swivel around the fi xing support and can be extended from 745 to 1120 mm.
Single-phased electric motor 220 V - 50 Hz, power 0,75 kw.
Lifting speed: 23 m/min - Lifting cable length 25 m, Ø 5 mm.
Upper limit switch incorporated into the winch. Security system preventing the reverse winding of the cable on the reel.
Fixing supports are not included. Accessories sold separately.
Weight: 43 kg

Lifting winch, maximal load 200 kg, extendable frame
Swiveling return arrow winch, for load up to 350 kg
To lift and move loads in underground networks or in construction sites
Trestle for heasy loads: 500 kg max.
Balcony crane 350 kg with rotation 200° of the arrow
Single-phased crane 500 kg, free rotation 360°
To fix a 200 kg winch in a window opening
90 L tray in polypro for mixing or discharging loose products
Support for 2 buckets
Steel tipping skip, 80 L capacity
Remote extension 24 V for winches and hoists
Remote extension 24 V 15 m, compatible for electric winches and hoists
Remote extension 25 m 24 V for winches and hoists

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