Building site hoist with interlocking ladder sections, in aluminium profile.
Payload increased to 175 kg.
Maximum working height extended to 20 m.
Large ladder support width: better stability.
New pre-angled knee joint adjustable from 30 to 60°.
Roofer platform with with removable side panels, 197 L capacity, dimensions 558 x 445 x 794 mm. Front panel optional.
Aluminium ladders. Strong and resistant, rustproof.
Easy installation and handling thanks to lightness of aluminium.
Winch easily removable from ladder base and equipped with wheels for handling.
Maximum working height 20 m inclined and vertical (with additional parts, please contact us).
Lifting speed: 22 m/min.
Pre-angled aluminium knee joints from 30 to 60°.
Single-phase 220 V / 50 Hz electric winch, thermal protection. Power 1.1 kw.
Detachable 24 V remote control.
Standard trolley equipped with parachute system.
Bottom slack wire rope integrated into the winch, upper safety via hard stop.
Bottom bumpers integrated into the ladder base.
Minimum generator power: 5.5 kVA.
Quick assembly of the hoist without tools thanks to the Easy Bolt quick bolts system.
Weight : 167 kg.
We recommend to add shoring and/or anchorage accessories (sold separately) while using our hoists. The anchoring and shoring regulations can be downloaded at www.haemmerlin.com.

Bare structure for hoist 175 kg, to complete with the equipment of your choice!
Aluminium hoist 150 kg with roofer platform
The most powerful hoist on the market! Up to 250 kg and 40 m!
Accessory for roofer platform in case of vertical work
Accessory for carpenters, roofers and zinc workers...
Platform to carry materials required for indoors or outdoors renovation
A single frame for multiple uses.
Skip for concrete, rubble, etc, with easier discharge
Spare bolt, to lock the ladders without any tool
Knee joint 30 to 60° for Maxial Premium and Excellium
Additionnal ladder 2 m for Maxial

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