Hoist Castor Steel 150/20 - steel

Building site hoists with electrozinc-plated ladders, triangle beam offering an optimal resistance.
Load capacity 150 kg.
Maximum working height 20 m inclined or vertical (with additional parts, please contact us).
Thanks to their compactedness and low weight, the Castor Steel hoists are easy and quick to install. Tool-free assembly thanks to pins.
Ladders are easy to handle and robust, they are made of electrozinc-plated steel, corrosion-resistant.
The winch is integrated in the base ladder, totally covered and equipped of wheels for easier manoeuvrability.
Universal trolley compatible with all equipments, no need to change the trolley.

Hoist for tiles, with steel ladders, 150 kg load capacity
Steel hoist structure, to be accessorised
Extension ladder 1 m for Castor Steel
Extra ladder 2 m for Castor Steel
Tilting knee support for Castor Steel
Help to install effortlessly a Castor Steel hoist!
Extension electrical lead 220 V for hoists
Essential accessory to keep tiles and slates close to hand!
Accessory to move tiles, slates...
To carry concrete, rubble...
Accessory for plasterer, window fixer
Accessory for steel roofer platfom in case of vertical work