Hoist Maxial Compact 150/15 - aluminium

Building site hoists with aluminium stacking ladders.
Load capacity 150 kg.
Maximum working height 15 m inclined and vertical (with additional parts, please contact us).
It's a solution to reduce the work hardness of the machine operators, and to increase productivity on building sites.
Thanks to their compactedness and low weight, the Maxial hoists are easy and quick to install.
Assembly without tools thanks to the Easy Bolt quick bolts system.
Ladders are made of aluminium and are easy to handle, light and robust.
The winch can be took apart of the base ladder and is equipped with wheels for easier manoeuvrability.
With a roofer platform with removable side boards.

Aluminium hoist 150 kg with roofer platform
Additionnal ladder 2 m for Maxial
Knee joint tilting from 0 to 40°, for Maxial Compact
Spare bolt, to lock the ladders without any tool
Extension electrical lead 220 V for hoists
Remote extension 24 V for winches and hoists
Remote extension 24 V 15 m, compatible for electric winches and hoists
Remote extension 25 m 24 V for winches and hoists