A new range of Haemmerlin hoists!

Haemmerlin is the hoist specialist for more than 40 years. Today, we reinvent our hoists to offer you a new range of machinery and equipment that meets all your needs.

In this new hoist range you wil find your favourite equipment, even more modular and scalable!

Discover our 6 models that all uses!

Summary of range

The advantages of Haemmerlin hoists:


Our hoists have a great flexibility of use, so, according to the building site, the same hoist can be used:

  • at an incline,
  • vertically,
  • or vertically then inclined (resting on a roof, for example),

whether parallel or perpendicular to a building or scaffold.

Knee joint with variable degree of opening allows to fit the shape of a roof or to penetrate inside a building. Thanks to our new generation adjustable knee joints, the hoists adjust to all configurations!



Roofers, zinc workers, damp-proofers, carpenters, masons, plasterers, façade specialists, but also equipment rental
companies or movers = a hoist for every trade!
Quickly modify your hoist according to your activity or the carried materials, thanks to our wide range of optional specific
Composed of 0.5 (except Castor Steel), 1 or 2 m ladders, your hoist adapts to the size of your working site!



Our hoists are equipped with interlocking ladders.
Thanks to their low weight, they are very manageable and easy to install.
Tool-free assembly thanks to pins for the Castor Steel, or thanks to the Easy Bolt quick bolts system for the Maxial range.


With lifting speed up to 30 m/min and loading capacity up to 250 kg according to the model, our hoists ensure you a great productivity. It's a solution to reduce the work hardness of the machine operators, and the physical strain of work and the occurrence of chronic pains and RSI*, by avoiding the repeated handling of heavy loads.



Thank to teir electro-galvanised aluminium or powder paint finish: hoists and equipments are strong and rust-resistant. Only few maintenance is required. Maintenance and control operations are clearly described in the technical instructions and the maintenance logbook of the hoist. After-sales service may be performed by the reseller, a repairer or directly by Haemmerlin.



Hoist specialist, Haemmerlin is armed with an effective customer service that stays at your service. We are at your disposal to study your project and to advise you, whether it’s your first purchase, to develop your equipment or for after-sales service.



Our hoists are manufactured in Alsace, at Saverne (67).

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