Wheelbarrow intended to European market. Not suited to be transported unassembled in container.
Towable and adjustable to any type of little tractor equipped with a pin of harness. For easy transportation of large bulky loads (plants, wood, hay, manure etc).
Load capacity 150 kg.
Black polypro tray 300 l, weatherproof and shock resistant.
Painted tubular frame Ø 28 mm, unique pram style handle to pull or push the wheelbarrow effortlessly.
Galvanised extendable beam (up to 445 mm), stand. Simple and quick coupling.
Pneumatic wheels Ø 400 mm (PF 39), roller bearings, metal spoked rims. Wide tyres limit marks on the grass.
Towable wheelbarrow, do not use on public roads.
Dimensions : 1352 x 908 x 838 mm.
Weight: 22,6 kg.

Towable wheelbarrow, tipping tray, retaining net, puncture proof wheels!
Trolley with big carrying capacity for gardening, very stable thanks to the 2 wheels
Spare pneumatic wheel for wheelbarrow Expert Twin
Spare inner tube, for wheelbarrow wheel, Ø 400 mm
For wheelbarrow wheel Ø 400 or 380 mm

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