Designed to be transported unassembled in container.
Wheelbarrow big volume with anti-corrosion treated galvanised tray, ideal for farm work.
Load capacity 250 kg.
Galvanised tray 160 l, 1,5 mm thickness, ultra-reinforced, large capacity.
Painted tubular frame Ø 32 mm with integrated tipping bar, galvanised screwed feet, tray supports.
Pneumatic wheel Ø 400 mm (PF 128), ball bearings, metal disc rim.
Bi-material handgrips.
Dimensions : 1540 x 770 x 620 mm.
Delivered unassembled.
Weight: 22 kg.

Best for refurbishment: narrow wheelbarrow which goes through all doorways
Reinforced wheelbarrow for renovation, with a narrow tray to go through doorways
Wheelbarrow with 2 wheels, for construction and public works
Wheelbarrow with galvanised tray to carry everything without the risk of rust!
Galvanised big capacity tray for transportation of corrosive materials
Wheelbarrow with very big carrying capacity, 300 l, polypro tray
Spare inner tube, for wheelbarrow wheel, Ø 400 mm
For wheelbarrow wheel Ø 400 or 380 mm
Pneumatic wheel Ø 400 mm as PIECES DE RECHANGE
Pneumatic wheel with ball bearings for added comfort
Puncture proof wheel as comfortable as a pneumatic wheel!
For wheelbarrows Expert Twin Excellium 160
For wheelbarrows Expert 160 and Expert Twin Excellium 160

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