Wheelbarrow intended to markets outside continental Europe. Designed to be transported unassembled in container.
Wheelbarrow designed for general purpose work.
Load capacity 150 kg.
Painted tray 100 l, 0,9 mm thickness.
Painted tubular frame Ø 32 mm with integrated tipping bar, screwed feet, tubular tray supports.
Pneumatic wheel Ø 380 mm, metal spoked rim, cast iron bearings fixing.
Ergonomic hangrips.
Dimensions : 1380 x 655 x 547 mm.
Delivered unassembled.
Weight: 10,9 kg.

Front sight
Corrosion resistance, for all type of works
Front sight
Building site wheelbarrow, solid wheel
Front sight
Multi-purpose wheelbarrow with solid wheel
Front sight
Wheelbarrow for DIY and bricklayer, painted tray
Front sight
For general purpose work, solid wheel for uneven grounds
Front sight
For general purpose work, galvanised tray and solid wheel
Spare inner tube, for wheelbarrow wheel, Ø 400 mm
For wheelbarrow wheel Ø 400 or 380 mm

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