Absolutely innovative wheelbarrow, perfect for gardening.
Funny, manoeuvrable and robust! Designed for to work in the garden, it doesn’t sink into loose grounds and limits marks on the lawn! It will not get stuck in sand, or loose chippings, and the wheel easily runs over other small obstacles. Easy unloading thanks to the square tipping bar.
Load capacity 100 kg.
Painted tray 100 l, 1 mm thickness, large capacity.
CP2i® tubular painted frame Ø 32 mm, ergonomic and rigid.
Spherical puncture-proof wheel Ø 300 mm.
Bi-material handgrips.
Dimensions : 1347 x 677 x 565 mm.
Weight: 14,9 kg.

Spare bi-material handgrips for wheelbarrow
Comfort and nonslip grips for wheelbarrow

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