AGAINST RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) : allows to dump the wheelbarrow’s contents without lifting it.
TIME SAVING : allows the dumping while rolling.
PRACTICAL : the contain of the wheelbarrow stays straight, even on uneven floor.

Painted tray 100 l.
Black painted tubular Ø 32 mm, with integrated tipping bar.
Pneumatic wheels Ø 380 mm (PF 150), metal disc rim.
Bi-material handgrips.
Dimensions : 1340 x 675 x 720 mm.
Weight : 20 kg.

Ergonomic wheelbarrow to prevent musculoskeletal disorders
Done with musculoskeletal disorders: this wheelbarrow facilitate unloading in a simple gesture
Spare pneumatic wheel for barrow, Ø 380 mm
Spare bi-material handgrips for wheelbarrow
Comfort and nonslip grips for wheelbarrow

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