Agriculture, horticulture, landscaping

Wheelbarrows for farms and agricultural holdings, landscaping, animal feed transportation, hay and straw.
They resist to corrosive materials, and they are equipped with big capacity tray in order to carry quickly bulky and voluminous loads.
Most often equipped with 2 wheels to reduce strains and onerousness during use.

Our ranges


Reinforced and specific

All galvanised wheelbarrow, rust-free! Reinforced frame, ball bearings wheel
Galvanised tray and frame, highly resistant to corrosion!
Best for farm work, corrosion-treated 160 l. tray
Wheelbarrow with 2 wheels, for construction and public works
Wheelbarrow for construction, upkeep of green spaces, agriculture: 2 solid wheels
Wheelbarrow with large carrying capacity and 2 pneumatic wheels for complete stability
Wheelbarrow with 2 solid wheels, reduce the efforts needed to move the load
Wheelbarrow with galvanised tray to carry everything without the risk of rust!
To carry bulky laods, for construction and public works
To transport heavy loads on rough grounds thanks to the solid wheels
Galvanised big capacity tray for transportation of corrosive materials
Wheelbarrow with very big carrying capacity, 300 l, polypro tray
Fodder wheelbarrow for horticulture, breeding, farm work. For oversize loads
Wood rack kit for Agricola 1 or 2 wheels
Accessory to support the loads
Painted maximum capacity tray and puncture proof wheel
Equipped with puncture proof wheels, for publics works, upkeep of green spaces...
Entirely galvanised wheelbarrow, corrosion resistant. For large loads
Wheelbarrow for feed and hay... 2 pneumatic wheels for more stability