Exclusive Internet range

Haemmerlin innovates to make gardener’s and handymen’s life easier by creating the first wheelbarrow delivered unassembled in a cardboard.
At the time where everything can be ordered on the Internet, Haemmerlin develops its own turnkey solution for a home delivered wheelbarrow! There will be no more wheelbarrows, which had just been bought in garden centre or DIY store that doesn’t fit in the trunk of the family car!
BiBox is easy to assemble, and once put up, has all the qualities of a classic Haemmerlin wheelbarrow: solidity, load disposal on the wheel… With its 150 kg load, it’s perfect for every gardening and DIY works.

Front sight
Wheelbarrow in a box, easy to carry and easy to assemble!
Front sight
Wheelbarrow supplied in a cardboard, with fuchsia tray
Front sight
Wheelbarrow with taupe grey tray, unassembled thus easy to transport!