Wheelbarrows for outdoor work, garden upkeep and decoration, landscaping, etc.
For average loads such as mown grass, vegetal waste, lawn edging, plant pots and flower boxes, compost bags.
A varied range with standard capacities (90 to 100 litres of earth) to maximum capacities (300 litres maximum).
The wheelbarrows with colourful pastic tray are nicely light and add some colour to the garden!

Our ranges


The original and only

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For DIY and construction site, painted tray, pneumatic wheel
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Building site wheelbarrow, solid wheel
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Corrosion resistance, for all type of works
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Multi-purpose wheelbarrow with solid wheel
For DIY and construction site, painted tray, puncture proof wheel



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Wheelbarrow for DIY and bricklayer, painted tray
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For general purpose work, solid wheel for uneven grounds
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Whellbarrow for DIY and bricklayer, anti-corrosion treated tray
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For general purpose work, galvanised tray and solid wheel


Ergonomic and rigid

Handy wheelbarrow for all kind of light works
Multi-purpose, ergonomic and specific for rough grounds
Puncture free ergonomic wheelbarrow, for heavy work
For general purpose work, corrosion-treated tray
High strength with corrosion resistant tray and solid wheel
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2-wheels wheelbarrows: it carries the load, you don't!
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Wheelbarrow with polypro light tray on a strengthen frame
Wheelbarrow for all kind of works on all kind of grounds!


Resistant, to be clip

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Wheelbarrow for all kind of heavy works, with polypro tray


Reinforced and specific

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All galvanised wheelbarrow, rust-free! Reinforced frame, ball bearings wheel
Galvanised tray and frame, highly resistant to corrosion!
Garden wheelbarrow, light and colourful!
Wheelbarrow for building, with polypro tray and pneumatic wheel
For outdoor works and gardening, with green polypro tray
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Wheelbarrow for gardening, light green tray with notches for tools
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Gardening and DIY wheelbarrow, yellow tray, pneumatic wheel
Wheelbarrow with plastic tray, puncture proof wheel, for DIY
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Plastic orange tray, ultra-light wheelbarrow!
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As light as a feather with its colourful pink tray!
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Very light wheelbarrow, aluminium frame and polypro grey tray
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Very light blue wheelbarrow, bear well its name!
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A anis tray for this light and colourful wheelbarrow!
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Feather wheelbarrow with renovation tray, to go easily through portals and garden sheds!
DIY wheelbarrow with light yellow tray, puncture proof wheel and aluminium frame
Two-in-one tool:to push as a wheelbarrow or to tow!
Towable wheelbarrow, tipping tray, retaining net, puncture proof wheels!
Trolley with big carrying capacity for gardening, very stable thanks to the 2 wheels
4-wheels trolley, with tipping plastic tray
Innovative wheelbarrow with spherical puncture proof wheel!
To clip on the tray to carry small tools, bottle...
Folding garden trolley, with polyester bag