Wheelbarrows designed for refurbishment works: they go through doorways, frameworks and portals easily since they are less then 65 cm wide.
Their tray has a reduced width but is deeper, for earth capacities of 110 to 120 litres.
Ideal to carry every materials and tools needed in construction and refurbishment works: tiles, slabs, bricks, breeze blocks, cement, mortar...
With a reinforced solid frame, these wheelbarrows are perfect for intensive every day use.

Our ranges


The original and only

Best for refurbishment: narrow wheelbarrow with galvanised tray
Reinforced wheelbarrow for renovation, with a narrow tray to go through doorways


Ergonomic and rigid

Specific for indoors works, goes through doorways easily
Strengthen renovation wheelbarrow, pneumatic wheel


Resistant, to be clip

Front sight
Reinforced renovation wheelbarrow, to clip in less than a minute


Reinforced and specific

The high performance wheelbarrow
The high performance wheelbarrow
Front sight
Reinforced model for renovation and construction
Goes through all doorways! Puncture proof wheel
Wheelbarrow for building, with polypro tray and pneumatic wheel
For outdoor works and gardening, with green polypro tray
Wheelbarrow for gardening, light green tray with notches for tools
Gardening and DIY wheelbarrow, yellow tray, pneumatic wheel
Wheelbarrow with plastic tray, puncture proof wheel, for DIY
DIY wheelbarrow with light yellow tray, puncture proof wheel and aluminium frame
To clip on the tray to carry small tools, bottle...
Best for refurbishment: narrow wheelbarrow which goes through all doorways
Garden wheelbarrow, light and colourful !