Single-phased balcony crane. Maximal load 500 kg.
Removable remote control 24 V.
Hook maximum working height: 57 m (with cable maximal length 60 m).
Use on balcony on construction or renovation sites, or on the ground for underground networks lifting or small working areas.
Facilitates safe lifting: when the load arrives on the top, the arrow of the crane can freely rotate over 360° and makes it easy to unload on the balcony or on an adapted machine.
High load capacity: up to 500 kg.
Needs to be stabilised to the ground or balcony by anchor bolts.
Replacement solution for a tower crane with a lower cost, more compact dimensions, an easy installation and a great mobility.
Single-phased electric motor 220 V - 50 Hz, power 2,5 kw.
Lifting speed : 22 m/min - Lifting cable length 40 m, Ø 6 mm.
Upper limit switch incorporated into the winch. Security system preventing the reverse winding of the cable on the reel.
Delivered without floor fixing, to bolt on the floor.
Weight: 120 kg

Swiveling return arrow winch, for load up to 350 kg
To lift and move loads in underground networks or in construction sites
Trestle for heasy loads: 500 kg max.
Balcony crane 350 kg with rotation 200° of the arrow
Crane with high load capacity 500 kg. Three-phased motor
90 L tray in polypro for mixing or discharging loose products
200 L tray in polypro for mixing or discharging loose products
Sling-wire with 2 muff for hoisting
Support for 2 buckets
Steel tipping skip, 80 L capacity
Tipping skip 45 L in steel
For return arrow winch and balcony crane
For trestle and balcony crane
For balcony crane H 500 / 40 GR
Remote extension 24 V 15 m, compatible for electric winches and hoists
Remote extension 25 m 24 V for winches and hoists

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