Stair-climbing device equipped with an exclusive axle design which allows to overcome obstacles, pavement, stairs and steps, etc. and to roll on uneven grounds. Converts into a trolley in a few seconds, allows you to transport longer and larger loads, such as flower boxes and wood logs.
Loading capacity 200 kg.
Frame in painted tube Ø 28 mm.
Rigid platform 187 x 598 mm and fold-down platform 420 x 326 mm: more load surface.
Wheel protection: the load do not touch the tyre.
2 pneumatic wheels Ø 260 mm (PF 26), roller bearings, metal disc rims.
Pram style handle for easier manoeuverability.
Dimensions : 521 x 677 x 1326 mm.
Weight: 13,4 kg

Stair-climbing sacktruck, with rigid and fold-down platform
Stair-climbing sacktruck, very convenient to cross obstacles or steps!
Handling sacktruck, with rigid and fold-down platform, 2 pneumatic wheels
Handling sacktruck for 200 kg loads, wide shovel
Handling sacktruck, with rigid and fold-down platform, 2 solid wheels
Sacktruck 200 kg, for hilly grounds
Pneumatic wheel Ø 260 mm

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