Concrete mixers

Body volume (L)
Wheel type
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Cable length
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Laser cutting
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Tank volume (L)
Mixing volume (L)

Wide range of electric concrete mixers and one towable thermic mixer, machines with multiple benefits, intended for demanding professionals.
The drum volumes are between 160 to 350 l, in order to fit to every construction sites.
The drum are entirely machine-welded for complete watertightness. The mixing blades are doubled, curved and welded to provide an optimum mixing and a high output.
The rims of our concrete mixers are of cast iron and are protected to avoid the risk of injury.
In order to facilitate the maintenance, the concrete mixers are equipped of lubricators easily accessible on drum bearings and pinion axle.
For more stability, the frame of the mixers are machine-welded. They can be lifted with a fork pallet truck.
CE marking on every concrete mixer. All concrete mixers respect the actual European guidelines and are delivered with a CE certificate of conformity.