Towable wheelbarrows

Body volume (L)
Wheel type
Wheel diameter
Cable length
Usable length
Laser cutting
Pipe diameter
Pivot type
Tank volume (L)
Mixing volume (L)

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Towable wheelbarrows adjustable to any type of tractor or mower. Easy transportation of large bulky loads (soil, plants, wood, hay, manure, etc.).
Two-in-one product: to push as a wheelbarrow or to tow!
Can be used as a standard wheelbarrow by returning the beam. Unique pram style handle to pull or push the wheelbarrow effortlessly.
Simple and quick coupling thanks to the galvanised extendable beam, pin fixing.
Equipped with a maxi tray 300 litres.
Tracto’Plus wheelbarrow equipped with a tipping tray for easy un-loading of the loads. Very stable, even fully loaded, thanks to its low wheel-axle. Useful on sloping grounds.