Tubular fodder wheelbarrow allowing the transportation of big volumes. Ideal for gardening, horticulturd and agriculture.
Load capacity 200 kg.
Totally tubular wheelbarrow, painted tube Ø 32 mm.
Leaning body side boards that stop the load movings.
Pneumatic wheels Ø 400 mm (PF 39), roller bearings, metal disc rim.
Bi-material handgrips.
Optional: Rack kit with side boards to clip, in order to hold the loads.
Dimensions : 1740 x 780 x 900 mm.
Weight: 24,6 kg.

Front sight
Fodder wheelbarrow for horticulture, breeding, farm work. For oversize loads
Wood rack kit for Agricola 1 or 2 wheels
Accessory to support the loads
Spare pneumatic wheel for wheelbarrow Expert Twin
Spare inner tube, for wheelbarrow wheel, Ø 400 mm
For wheelbarrow wheel Ø 400 or 380 mm
Spare bi-material handgrips for wheelbarrow
Comfort and nonslip grips for wheelbarrow

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