Haemmerlin technology at the best value for money.
Load capacity 150 kg.
Triangle beam electro-galvanised ladders for maximum stiffness. Corrosion resistant.
New working height: up to 20 m maximum, for more performance.
The winch is integrated into the ladder base and thus protected against theft.
Equipped with 120 L steel roofer platform with removable side panels for transportation of very bulky material. Optional front panel.
Maximum working height 20 m inclined or vertical (with additional parts, please contact us).
Lifting speed: 20 m/min.
Pre-angled steel knee joint adjustable from 20 to 60°.
Single-phase 220 V / 50 Hz electric winch integrated into the ladder base. 0.75 kw power.
Ladder base equipped with a pair of wheels to facilitate handling.
Can be installed inclined and vertically for a working angle of 30 to 90°.
Non-detachable 220 V direct remote control.
Universal trolley equipped with parachute system.
Supports integrated in the knee joint and the headboard.
Minimum generator power: 4.5 kVA.
Tool-free assembly thanks to pins.
Weight : 165 kg.
We recommend to add shoring and/or anchorage accessories (sold separately) while using our hoists. The anchoring and shoring regulations can be downloaded at www.haemmerlin.com

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