Description :

Wheelbarrow intended to European market. Not suited to be transported unassembled in container.
All galvanized wheelbarrow, anti-corrosion treated, ideal for aggressive material transportation (animal feeding) and for building work.
Galvanised tray 100 l, 1,2 mm thickness, large capacity.
Painted tubular Alpha frame Ø 32 mm, ergonomic and rigid, with welded all round tubular support holding up the front of the tray.
Pneumatic wheel Ø 400 mm (PF 128), ball bearings, metal disc rim or Puncture proof wheel Ø 400 mm (PF 200), polypro rim.
Bi-material handgrips.
Dimensions : 1420 x 680 x 610 mm.
Weight : between 12,3 and 13,3 kg.