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Description :

Designed to be transported unassembled in container.
Designed for heavy duties and for easy transportation of large and heavy loads.
Painted, galvanised or polypro tray.
Maximum capacity : 160 , 230 or 300L.
Painted tubular frame Ø 32 mm with integrated tipping bar and reinforcement tube under the edge of the tray.
Pneumatic wheels Ø 400 mm (PF 39), or solid wheels Ø 400 mm (PF 50), or puncture proof wheels Ø 400 mm (PF 38) - roller bearings, metal spoked rims.
Bi-material handgrips.
Dimensions : 1673 x 776 x 698 mm.
Delivered unassembled.
Weight: between 24 and 34,8 kg.